Doujin Meet Up & Soundscape Vol. 3 Review

A few weeks back on 13 April 2019, there was a little event going on at Aliwal Arts Centre to celebrate the art and content creation of the doujin community here. Held at this location for the first time, Doujin Meet Up & Soundscape Vol. 3 was a two-part event, starting with a little fair... Continue Reading →


Daily Noodles

When you think of good Japanese food, a hawker center isn't where one would normally think to find it. Hawker center food in Singapore has always been about local food such as Hokkien Mee, Char Siew rice and Bak Chor Mee. What if I tell you that you can find good Japanese food in hawker... Continue Reading →

Comiket 95 Review

Comiket is the world’s largest anime and manga fan convention, boasting half a million attendees annually. This year, two of our writers, Gideon and Nat, will be sharing their experience of Comiket’s 95th edition (C95)! With attendance exceeding a hundred thousand, this is a huge event with a huge crowd. People queue overnight just to... Continue Reading →

JCF/JCN Interview

NUSCAS spent the weekend at the annual Japanese Cultural Festival and Night (JCF/JCN)! To find out more about the events, NUSCAST’s Nat caught up with Christabel from NUSCAS/Odoro!! after her stage performance!   NUSCAST: Is this your first time performing in JCN? Christabel: Yeah!   N: How long have you been in Odoro!!? C: I... Continue Reading →


With numerous Japanese food establishments under the brand, Keisuke had recently opened their new branch specialising in Omurice at Bugis+ on 14 January . I went down during their Grand Opening to try it out. There were a variety of sides and drinks to be added on. After queuing for an hour plus, I ordered... Continue Reading →

AFA2018 Review

Hosted over three days at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, C3 Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2018 gripped fans by storm. Aptly dubbed South East Asia’s biggest and most prestigious Japanese Popular Culture event, it celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, boasting an exclusive line-up of activities and celebrities.   Mr Shawn Chin, C3 AFA’s... Continue Reading →

GameStart Asia 2018 Review

GameStart Asia 2018 was back for its 5th edition in Singapore from 13th to 14th October, spanning across three whole Suntec Convention Halls. It played host to a number of different gaming-related niches - from game tourneys to tabletops to equipment and merchandise sales! Interesting experiences were waiting to be discovered around almost every corner.... Continue Reading →


Inspired by Aimer’s Rokutousei no Yoru, by Paan. She sat at her table, her desk lamp burning balefully at the side. A wooden board laid in front of her, and she let her fingers stroke it from edge to edge, alphabet to alphabet. She had bought it just that morning from a toy shop across... Continue Reading →

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