Asia Game Festival 2018


Exclusively at Suntec City Exhibition Centre (Hall 401-403) from the 9 -10 June, was the annually Asia Game Festival (AGF)! Tickets were priced at $15 for a single-day pass, and we are here to tell you what was in store for all the game lovers out there!

Main Exhibitions

Big gaming titles such as Hearthstone, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, League of Legends, and the Pokemon VGCs are hosting their championship tournaments at the site are a definitely must-see. There are also many free-to-play game booths featuring familiar titles such as Minecraft, Super Smash Brothers, FIFA2018, and Rules of Survival.



XII Braves is a Singaporean games studio that created the RPG game Valiant Force. In addition to promoting their popular flagship game, the studio is pre-launching a new game, Shining Beyond. They were mainly targeted to gaining interest and support from the public, as the ushers were hoping people would sign up.


The Xbox/ Minecraft booth was held at the southeast corner of the exhibition hall. There were plenty of Xbox One consoles and rows of laptops all set and ready to be played. Popular games such as Minecraft were obviously the main highlight. You can create a new world or simply load a pre-existing file that a previous player had created. It was amusing to see the number of different worlds  made playable when we arrived.


Partnered with the Singapore National Youth Council and Predator, there was the Fortnite co-op sandbox game which was free-to-play. There were many excited secondary school students giggling and hogging up the stations. It was a good opportunity for them to try out the game for themselves as despite the game being very easy to pick up, it was difficult to master.


Big lovers and die-hard fans of football crowded the FIFA2018 booth for a glimpse and a chance to try their hand at the latest FIFA game. Not only were they able to pit their favourite teams and players against others, there were also a few foosball tables if they were bored of waiting for the game (highly unlikely!). However, there were also seasoned foosball “pros” lurking around the corner so fans better watch out!

Hungry or Thirsty?
MonsterCup noodles

Look no further, as the MONSTER girls are here to serve! These gorgeous ladies were walking around bringing refreshingly sweet Monster energy drink to thirsty participants and event-goers. The best part – it was absolutely free!

Nissin Cup Noodles had a booth all to themselves at the event as well. The cup noodles were insanely popular as they served as quick snacks to sate the voracious appetites of hard core gamers,

Something for everyone

If digital gaming wasn’t really your thing, there were also a lot of anime-related merchandise and events happening at AGF. We checked out the Tsundere Cafe, a themed maid cafe where pretty girls (and butlers) tend to you with an added touch of haughtiness! Unfortunately, photos weren’t allowed inside the cafe as the maids are too shy to be filmed.

rezeroCosplay set recreating a scene in Re:Zero anime

There were also cosplay areas for photo-taking. Figurines and merchandise were also for sale from official partners like Otaku Tachi, as well as independent doujin works from the Artist Alley, featuring slightly cheaper but similar quality goods.

keychainStickers and keychains from the game DOTA 2

Famous cosplayers Aza Miyuko, Yuegene Fay, Lay, came down for the event as well. They shared  several cosplay tips for the seasoned, and aspiring, cosplayers!

Exclusive Scoop


The mobile game card game Hearthstone had a booth (organised officially by Blizzard) right beside the entrance and it attracted a very large crowd, due to the Fireside Gathering taking place. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a social event whereby players can earn an exclusive Card-Back that is otherwise unobtainable through other means. There was also mini-tournament-styled ladders held hourly for the casual players to stand a chance to earn prizes.

The Hearthstone booth also featured the National Qualifiers for Blizzcon, whereby the Top 8 players in Singapore will be sent to compete in the prestigious global competition. The booth itself was very well equipped and organised, complete with professional casters and a snack stall, for those that got hungry and thirsty midway into their game.

NUS Electronic Gaming (NUSEG) sent a couple of players to compete. After two intense days of competitions, friendships and sweat were formed and shed, as everyone battled it out for the Top 8. Despite having lost, the experience was a precious super-rare, golden memory.

Guardians of the City (GOTC)


GOTC is a joint programme launched by Cyberathlete Professional League and Nexus to educate students and full-time NSFs the five pillars of Total Defence through an interactive card game. From 2018 onwards, ALL secondary two students weree given and taught GOTC as apart of their CCE education. There was an ongoing GOTC inter-school competition happening on venue at AGF.

The gameplay

Through drawing and placing ACTION and CRISIS cards, the goal of the game is for either player to eliminate the TERRORIST tokens, while keeping their CITIZEN tokens alive. This is done so by strategically placing (a fixed amount of) tokens in Military defence, Social defence, and the like.

We were each given a deck of GOTC cards after they finished a live demonstration with us.

Closing Thoughts

There was certainly something in-store for everyone. The crowd ranged from younglings who were starting to pick up the joy of gaming, to seasoned professionals battling it out for total victory. Most of the games advertised and promoted are luckily free-to-play, and there were hidden exclusives (such as Hearthstone’s Fireside Gathering) that are only available at such major game events. All in all, we had a good time at AGF, and here’s hoping they will return next year!

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